My relationship with food has completely changed since going to Okanagan Hypnotherapy. Emotional eating when I was feeling hurt, angry and disappointed only led to feeling guilty. Since my hypnotherapy sessions I am mindful when I eat and am able to stop eating when I am full. I’m in control. No more stuffing myself to feed my feelings.


I smoked for 25 years and tried every quit smoking method available, gum, patches and pills. None of them worked. As a last ditch effort to quit smoking I called Okanagan Hypnotherapy. I haven’t smoked since – I was surprised at how easy it was to quit smoking. I am a non-smoker now!


Screen addiction was causing all kinds of problems for me. I was unable to concentrate on anything very long, my work was suffering, my partner was annoyed and feeling ignored and friends felt unimportant because I was always looking at my phone. Hypnotherapy eliminated the habit of constantly looking at my phone. I don’t habitually check my phone now,  my concentration and  relationships have improved as I have stopped checking my phone obsessively. Thank you.


Living on a farm makes it almost impossible to not have to deal with mice and snakes. I would have an anxiety attack every time I saw either one.  After seeing Lee Ann, I can deal with and dispose of mice and snakes as necessary.  I still don’t like it but I no longer have anxiety about it. What a relief.


My ten year relationship ended badly and I was having difficulty letting go of the hurt and anger. I decided to try hypnotherapy to see if it would help. Lee Ann helped me let go of the useless feelings that were holding me back and preventing me from moving on with my life. Now I’m confident and free to move on with my life.