Weight Loss

In most cases weight is not the issue at all. There are many instances when people use food, and develop unhealthy eating habits, as a result of other issues that they have been troubled by for a long time. It’s actually quite rare for weight to be a stand-alone issue.

Why most diets fail.

Many diets simply restrict the way you use food. You may lose some weight initially, but as soon as the “diet” ends it comes right back on again. This is because diets address your issue at a conscious level, while the problem lies at an entirely subconscious level. Dieting does nothing to address the way you actually use and think about food. You are quite literally left struggling against a part of you that “wants more”. And that’s not a fight you can win.

Many times, when a person is experiencing problems losing weight, the person is eating for reasons other than legitimate hunger. This is a big part of what my program addresses, emotional eating.

When you use hypnosis, cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness to address weight issues you will change not only your eating behaviour, but also your underlying belief system about food. This is precisely why my program is so effective. People report not only losing weight, but feeling better and more positive in general.

The goal is to instill a healthy use of food, create good food discipline and establish a changed way of viewing and thinking about food. Hypnosis is used to reinforce healthy reasons as to why you eat.

You will think about food in a subtly different, healthier way. Real change occurs when that mindset shift happens!