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Nearly 40 million adults in North America are affected by anxiety disorders. If anxiety is holding you back from social situations or from moving ahead in your career and life plans, this book will help you to take your life back. The Anxiety Fix is more than a self-help book, it includes a toolkit that contains a downloadable audio recording and easy thought-pattern interrupting exercises that can be done anywhere to help disable your anxiety.

The Anxiety Fix is an exciting fresh three-pronged approach that incorporates the most effective treatments for anxiety – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Mindfulness – and explores both the environmental and experiential factors that contribute to anxiety. It also explains the very real changes to brain structure that anxiety creates. You can use this revolutionary approach to fix your anxiety.

By examining how the brain, memory and neuroplasticity work, The Anxiety Fix will lead you on a journey to understand the source of your anxiety. Then, it will provide you with techniques and exercises to rewire those neural pathways currently triggered by anxiety, freeing you to live a happier life.

Don’t let stigma, economics or other factors prevent you from fully living your life. The Anxiety Fix will help you alter the neural pathways that trigger anxiety responses.

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