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Hypnotherapy can treat a wide range of issues, including anxiety, weight management, fears, phobias, trauma,  self-sabotaging behaviours, habits, letting go of grief or anger, insomnia, pain management, self-confidence, personal growth, and much more. Personalized treatment plans are created to help you achieve your goals. 


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Okanagan Hypnotherapy specializes in the treatment of anxiety. Every person is unique and customized sessions are created to address the underlying causes of your anxiety.

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Weight Management

This 5 session program helps you deal with portion control, emotional eating, habits and cravings, self-esteem, letting go of self-sabotaging behaviours, and changing your relationship with food.

Take control of your weight loss journey today!

Quitting Smoking

This 5 session program helps you deal with the habits, cravings, and emotional attachment to smoking.  We’re here for when you are ready to quit smoking for good! 

The Anxiety Fix

The Anxiety Fix is an exciting new book that explains what causes anxiety, the changes that anxiety causes to the brain structure and the therapies that are used to help. The book also includes a tool-kit of easy thought pattern interruption techniques and a value added down-loadable audio recording to help you disable your anxiety. By using the audio recording you can simply relax and listen as your neural pathways rewire themselves.

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